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Our personal touch towards taking care of your specific building needs is the most important aspect for us!

The trusted House-it modular building system is a highly cost effective and time saving alternative to conventional building.

Our superior product together with our excellent standard of workmanship and hands-on customer service will make your House-it experience an exceptionally pleasant one.

Here are some interesting facts about House-it modular buildings:

• Over 30 Years Experience guarantees you the very best in Expertise and Workmanship
• All materials used are of the highest Quality to ensure Maximum strength and durability
• Tried and Trusted by municipalities year in and year out
• Enhances the Value of your property and is therefore an investment
• Approved and accepted by all the leading banks and finance houses
• Completely versatile and adaptable to meet any specific needs
• Blends in or matches with most existing buildings in terms of finish
• Built quickly - in a matter of days
• Convenient and Tidy with minimum mess and noise
• Constructed by skilled teams with a highly competent foreman on site at ALL times
• We pride ourselves on our after sales record of ZERO customer comebacks and/or complaints
• We have all the necessary building certifications

What are the Benefits and Advantages of Prefab over conventional building?

• Approximately 35% Cheaper and thus more Cost Effective
• Faster and Cleaner - you get to use your new building sooner
• Much more Secure as labour access to your property is significantly reduced
• No Hassle for YOU the customer as a result of unmatched construction speed and quality
• Our buildings are just as good, if not better, than conventional buildings

Please see our testimonials for confirmation of the above!

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